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What You Need to Know Before Moving into Apartments in Charleston, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Clemson v. South Carolina Is A Rivalry Of Historic Proportions

Also known as The Battle of the Palmetto State, the rivalry between the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks goes way, way back—and the rivalry is not entirely about college football.

USC and Clemson have been bitter rivals since the 1880s due to political tensions regarding post-Civil War reconstruction. But today, it’s all about the football. And everyone in South Carolina has chosen a side!

Perhaps equally important, no one would miss the tailgate! The tailgate attracts thousands of rowdy fans each year and is almost as fun as attending the game itself.

Folks In South Carolina Really Know How To Shag

And not the kind of shagging that Austin Powers was talking about… The 'Carolina Shag' is a partner dance born in South Carolina. This mixture of the jitterbug and swing dancing is a lot of fun and not too hard to learn—especially since South Carolinians practically learn it before they learn to walk.

Everyone In South Carolina Is Practically An Amphibian

There are so many different ways to enjoy all types of water in South Carolina—there are swimming holes, creeks, lakes, and of course, the ocean.

You can kayak saltwater creeks and marshes (where you can see dolphins if you’re lucky!), go jet skiing in the ocean or on the lake, or swim freely in any number of South Carolina’s swimming holes.

Check out Shem Creek, Clark Sound, Lake Jocasse, or Folly Beach.

Hot Sauce. On. Everything.

Everyone knows Texas Pete is great, but there’s also a ton of local hot sauces to enjoy in South Carolina, like Carolina Sauce Company, Palmetto Pepper Potions, and PuckerButt, who carries the famous Smoking Ed's Carolina Reaper, which has set the new Guinness world record for hottest hot sauce in the world.

Also, beware: there’s ghost chili sauce in many a recipe in SC. This pepper acts the way it sounds…like a ghost, creeping up on you. Definitely the most intense “aftertaste” around.

This Is The Birthplace Of Sweet Tea And Southern Hospitality

Summerville, South Carolina is often known as the birthplace of sweet tea. As many know, all tea in South Carolina is “sweet” (unsweetened tea is not even an option!) But no one does sweet tea like Summerville.

Sidenote: Summerville is so sweet that it’s also known as the birthplace of Southern hospitality! All those “Yes ma’ams,” “Yes, sirs,” “bless your hearts,” “pleases” and “thank yous” were also born in Summerville in addition to sweet tea!

And Try Some Sweet Tea For Grown Folks, Too

Having your first sip of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is a South Carolina right of passage. What better way to celebrate, well, anything, than with shots of Firefly?

Oh. My. Dear. Lord. South Carolinian Hush Puppies

Don’t feel badly if the first time you encounter hush puppies, you eat over a hundred in one sitting. Who could blame you?

These deep fried corn batter snacks are a huge part of why living in South Carolina is so amazing. Like some seafood with your hush puppies? Try the hush puppies at Charleston Crab House—they’re some of the best in all of South Carolina.

Nothing Says South Carolina Like Trees Draped In Spanish Moss

Something that almost every South Carolinian will find themselves missing when traveling outside of South Carolina is Spanish moss. The Spanish moss is everywhere you look in the Palmetto State and when a true South Carolinian sees it, they’re instantly reminded of all things home.

Be Prepared To Get Very Picky About Blue Crab

Blue Crabs are a South Carolina favorite. These delicious little shellfish are perfect for a true South Carolina crab pickin’, which is exactly what it sounds like, a pile of delicious blue crabs is placed in front of you for you to pick at and enjoy!

There’s Nothing South Carolinians Love More Than Napping In Hammocks

Many believe that the standard for the classic American hammock was actually set in South Carolina on Pawleys Island. So, obliviously, many argue that the best hammocks in the country are the original Pawleys Island rope hammocks.

This probably explains why so many South Carolinians love lounging in hammocks in backyards, on beaches, on porches, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

Homemade Biscuits. All Day. Everyday.

There’s no doubt about it, South Carolinian biscuits are the best in the world. And, obviously, homemade biscuits are clearly the best.

So, if you’re looking for some authentic, made-with-love, South Carolina biscuits, you better head to Poogan’s Porch in Charleston. You’ll enjoy every buttery and delicious bite.

You Will Want To Put SC's Famous Mustard-based BBQ Sauce On Everything

While South Carolina enjoys a plethora of different kinds of BBQ sauce, they’re most known for their mustard-based BBQ sauces (compared to the vinegar-based BBQ sauces of North Carolina).

And what better way to enjoy your BBQ sauce than smothering it on everything in sight? Trust me, you’ll never taste a better BBQ pulled pork in your life than the one you have in South Carolina.

South Carolinians Can Be Very Explosive About Their Country

Everyone knows South Carolina is the best place to be on Fourth of July. In addition the many large firework shows that take place on beaches and in parks, pretty much everyone, everywhere has their own, private fireworks show.

Fireworks are legal in South Carolina, so people go big or go home when it comes to private shows. You basically learn how to shoot off a firework at the age of 3 in South Carolina, so don’t worry about safety—everyone in the Palmetto State is a fireworks pro.

Rocking Chairs On Front Porches Will Become Your New Best Friends

Let’s face it, South Carolina front porches are epic. Sometimes they wrap around the an entire house, sometimes the porches are built on two or even three stories of the home, and they’re always filled with comfy places to sit and relax.

Most South Carolinians, however, prefer the rocking chair: there’s nothing in the world as soothing as a Carolina front porch, complete with a rocking chair and some sweet tea.

Don’t Feed The Gators…No, Seriously. Just Don’t

Ever seen signs in parks telling you not to feed the birds? Yeah, well South Carolina has their own version of this: “Don’t feed the gators.”

Sure, we should assume this means we shouldn’t throw crumbs at gators. But this nifty little sign is also there to remind you not to letyourself be what the gator feeds on!

South Carolina’s warm temperatures and wetlands make for an excellent climate for gators, which is probably why 100,000 alligators call the Palmetto State home. So, seriously, watch your back!

There’s Nothing Shrimpy About South Carolina's Love Of Shrimp and Grits

While all things grits are amazing, South Carolinians have a special place in their hearts for the traditional southern dish of shrimp and grits. The best place to get them? Boulevard Diner in Mount Pleasant. You’ll thank me later!

You’ve Never Really Seen A Sunrises Until You See One In South Carolina

As if the biscuits alone weren’t worth getting out of bed early for, South Carolina also has the best sunrises in America. Don’t believe me? Wait until you see a sunrise at Botany Bay Sunrise in Edisto Island. This is, by far, one of the most unique—and gorgeous—places to start your morning.

Prepare Yourself For Cookouts Every Weekend... And Most Weekdays

There’s nothing South Carolinians like more than cookouts. South Carolinian cookout secret? Wrap your corn in bacon, cover it in tinfoil, then put it on the grill…your arteries might regret it, but your taste buds won’t. No better way to turn your vegetables into pure deliciousness…

Celebrate Southern Music At A South Carolina Bluegrass Festival

South Carolina is filled with amazing bluegrass festivals that take place year-round. Try the Edisto Island Mostly Bluegrass Festival on Edisto Island if you want to experience the bluegrass scene in SC.

Palmettos. Palmetto’s Everywhere

The Palmetto State is pretty obsessed with the palmetto. Not only is it on the state flag, but it’s also on pretty much everything else you can think of. Wine glasses, beer koozies, towels, umbrellas, clothing, bumper stickers…No other state in the world is as proud of its state tree!

Jones Gap Is A Great Place To Catch Some Fish With Your Best Friends

Located in Marietta, Jones Gap is the perfect place for trout fishing and camping. It’s a gorgeous state park with plenty of places to hike, camp, and explore. Whatever you catch during the day, you can cook at your campsite at night.

Just thinking About Southerly Makes Folks In South Carolina’s Mouths Water

If you’re looking for a delicious Southern breakfast, you NEED to go to Southerly. While the restaurant is fairly new, it’s quickly gaining popularity, even winning Open Table’s 2014 Diner of the Year award.

This restaurant raises Southern comfort food to the next level of awesome: homemade sticky buns, fried chicken and waffles, potato hash with melted cheese, duck confit hash, grits, delicious pancakes topped with fresh, and amazing fried green tomatoes "cackalacky," which are smothered with cheddar, topped with country ham, scrambled eggs, and cackalacky hollandaise!

Get Used To The Saying “Bless your heart” And Other Southern Niceties

South Carolinians are taught their manners before they’re taught anything else (well, maybe with the exception of shag dancing…) So when you move here you’ll learn quickly learn the phrase, “Bless your heart!”

Visiting The Battery In Charleston Is Good For The Soul

The Battery in Charleston is one of the most beautiful spots in South Carolina. There are breathtaking views of the ocean, surrounded by colorful southern mansions with winding front porches, Spanish moss, palm trees, walking and bike paths, and benches for resting.

South Carolina Has Oyster Roasts Like You Would Not Believe

If South Carolina can do anything, its roast oysters! The state is full of oyster festivals for you to enjoy—try heading to the South Carolina Oyster Festival in Columbia, which attracts hundreds of visitors each year.

Blow Your Taste Buds’ Minds At The South Carolina Festival of Discovery

What’s more South Carolina than BBQ and Blues? Head to the South Carolina Festival of Discovery and discover the taste of real Carolina Barbeque, black kettle hash and the unique music sound of traditional Blues.

Plus: funnel cake. Oh my God, funnel cake.

South Carolinians Always Brake For Boiled Peanuts On The Side Of The Road

To outsiders, it may seem strange that South Carolinians boil peanuts. And it may seem even stranger that these boiled peanuts are sold on the side of the road. But the minute you try a boiled peanut, you’ll completely understand why these babies need to be roadside at all times. Boiled peanuts are a true South Carolina treasure.

South Carolina is a state that should be explored to its fullest—there are trees and mountains, oceans and lakes, marshes and creeks, grits and fried green tomatoes, biscuits and sweet tea, front porches and hammocks…Trust me. It won’t take long to fall in love with this exciting state.

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