Moving Information

To make your move as convenient and worry-free as possible, we are providing you with the following guidelines:

  • All lease paperwork needs to be signed by all parties before keys will be issued.
  • Rent and fees that are due need to be paid prior to receiving keys.
  • Trash needs to be promptly disposed of through our Valet Trash/Recycling or at our trash compactor
  • Any large items such as old furniture can be taken to the local landfill.

We value our residents at Abberly West Ashley and want to make your move as simple as possible. Whether you are moving across the country or across town, please use our Quick Guide to moving listed below:

SCE&G Electric Service – (800) 251-7234
Comcast Cable/Internet/Phone Provider – 1-800-934-6489
Charleston City Newspaper – (843) 577-5304
Motor Vehicles Department - (843) 769-5879
US Post Office - (843) 763-0113